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STOP missing out on opportunities

Get seen and BOOKED

It is difficult to break into the industry without a professional demo reel.

Camp on Fire Productions and KIC Studios are here to help you take your career into your own hands.

Our solution to your dry spell:

A professional-level demo reel is essential for getting noticed, but it's hard to create without already having acting jobs under your belt. WHAT A RIDICULOUS CYCLE.


We solve this by providing you with a high-quality demo reel that highlights your skills and leaves casting directors asking, "what's that from?"

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Top-Tier Production at KIC Studio

We've partnered with KIC Studios to bring the best in film and TV production. With access to top-of-the-line equipment and a team of professionals who have worked on acclaimed productions like Schitt's Creek, Kim's Convenience, and Star Trek, we guarantee a seamless and professional day on set.


Come prepared as an actor. We'll handle the rest.

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Comprehensive Benefits for Career Growth


High-Quality Production Materials

Add polished, professional scenes to your portfolio.


Professional On-Set Experience

Gain practical experience in a real production environment.


Direct Exposure to Industry Professionals

Get noticed by casting directors and decision-makers.


Producer Involvement

Participate as a producer in your own work, giving you creative control.

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Jumpstart Your Acting Career

​Your demo reel is the best tool to getting noticed!


Supportive Community

Join a network of like-minded professionals dedicated to your success.


Screenwriting, Done For You

With a writing department headed by a Corey Mandell Trained writer


Personalized Casting Consultation

We will take time with you and collaborate with the writing team to ensure your best qualities are highlighted


Stop waiting for opportunities to come to you.

By collaborating with our creative team, you'll gain invaluable exposure and networking opportunities with industry professionals, giving your career the boost it needs.


Join us today and step into the spotlight with a demo reel that truly represents your talent and potential. 

Your journey to becoming a recognized and hired actor in the film and TV industry starts here!


If you are selected to take part in our VIP demo days, you will have the chance to work with our producers and creative team, who will create scenes specifically for your casting. After time on a state of the arts set with the industry's top professionals, you will receive a minimum of two scenes to add to your professional actor demo reel.

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Add Value to Your Acting Career

- **Personalized Casting Consultation**: $500

- **Professional Scriptwriting**: $1,000

- **Full-Day Professional Shoot at KIC Studios**: $3,000

- **High-Quality Production Materials**: $1,500

- **Networking Opportunities**: $1,000

- **On-Set Experience**: $500

- **Producer Credits**: $500

- **Community Support**: $200

- ** Post Production Services**. $1,000


**Total Value**: $9,250

Special Offer:


(Payment packages available)

Limited spaces available, as it is our utmost priority to protect your time on set!

Get to know us better

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CAMP ON FIRE PRODUCTIONS & KIC STUDIOS have worked along numerous global powerhouses including

(insert logos of companies shows we have created have ended up on- IE GET THESE FROM RAY)


Co-Founder, Producer, Screenwriter

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Singer / Songwriter

"I play a lot of gigs as a singer/songwriter, and I've noticed that I can now sing for longer without fatigue, have a larger range, better intonation, and get way more compliments on my voice than ever before"

Actor, The Parker Andersons

"I’ve seen such a great improvement in my singing technique and also my confidence to sing and try for notes I would’ve shied away from before. "

Visual Artist

"From the moment I started learning how to sing with Tylor, I have felt so comfortable and encouraged! The entire session is enjoyable and I’m amazed at how far I’ve come in such a short time! - that’s how special he is!"

Ready to Jumpstart your Acting Career?

Apply to be a part of our VIP DEMO DAY

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