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It’s 1983 Toronto, the beginning of the TV-aerobics craze, and this washed up pageant queen may have landed her first big break, as the lead of “Bounce Aerobics With Paulie Anne!”


The problem is it has failed to find a market, and is destined for the soft-core porn section.

How will the cast and crew of The Bounce make it in this dog-eat-dog industry?

In July 2021, The Bounce had successful Kickstarter campaign, meeting 162% of our crowdfunding goal.

That's $25K. 


Check it out

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With the help of Lisa Parasyn Casting, we signed on an amazing cast, from shows like Schitt's Creek, Killjoys, American Gods, and more.

We filmed our pilot from October 24th-28th 2021 in Toronto.

It is now being edited.

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Keep an eye out for updates, as we pitch The Bounce to streaming platforms.

In Development

A Non-Binary musical TV Series, featuring the music of Juno Winning Cuban composer, Pablosky Rosales

Shane, a young man from a small Canadian town, is living a bleak reality in isolation. Disheartened and alone, Shane finds a majestic drag queen in his closet named Sheri, who invites him to a land where diversity and inclusivity is not the norm. Girl, it's celebrated.

Shane learns that a toxic force has been infecting the utopia, and only he has the power to stop it.

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